what are the diseases you can get through needles?

Curious Asked: what are the diseases you can get through needles?

My hubby was injecting a patient who had diabetes. He placed the needle on the table. While disposing it by mistake he pricked himself with the needle after it was lying on the table for 15 minutes. Would he get diabetes? What are the other possible diseases he could get? How long should we wait before we check with the doctor? Can we get a check up immediately and be done with it? Will a virus be active after being on the table for 15 minutes?


wa Answered:
Diabetes isn't contagious, so he can't catch that from anyone. HIV is contagious though, and other STDs.

Zorroman Answered:
Diabetes is not a communicable disease. It comes from failings of the pancreas, not from microbial infection. But he could get almost anything else. Any virus or bacteria is communicable by blood. This includes hepatitis and HIV.

Scoot Answered:
All of them……communicable ones that is……………along withsome other things like, virus, bacteria,staph

Mar Answered:
No cause for alarm since the patient has diabetes which is not contracted through use of needles. If the spot where the needle had been accidentally pricked got swollen and remained swollen for 3 days then you will need to have it checked for any infection. But if not then it will be fine.

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