Penis won’t rise or get hard?

Static Asked: Penis won’t rise or get hard?

Okay, well… I'm 27 and my penis won't get hard or rise like it use to. Every now and then it will function right, but then it will stop for a long period of time again. Also I am a diabetic. I been a diabetic for about 5-6 years and I use to weigh about 370 but I lost weight and I'm now at 203 pounds. I use to take insulin shots for my diabetes, but my job took me down to one day a week and now I can't afford buying the insulin. I been without my shots for about 4 months now. Do anyone know if this is because of me not taking the insulin or if it can be something else? Also, if I masturbate it will get hard after a minute, so before anything, I have to play with it. Is there any medical advice? Is there anything that I can to to get it working right again?


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