Does type 1 juvenile onset diabetes //stunt growth?

crunch Asked: Does type 1 juvenile onset diabetes //stunt growth?

I'm 28 years old and have had type 1 diabetes since 2 yrs old…very poor control all of my life. Does this contribute to growth stunt?


MohdJaved Answered:
hey my friend , yes insulin and growth hormone both are required for normal growth. See if u see in detail then insulin is involved in transport of amino acids which are essential for anabolic processes in body. These amino acids are transported only bu insulin and not any other hormone. See this is 1 of d many hypothesis which are put forward to explain stunted growth in type 1 / iddm. See friend coz u r 28 yr old and ur epiphyseal fusion(which is responsible for ur height) has ocured 7-9 years ago so i dont think iddm/type1 dm is responsible for it. But yes may b u had iddm/type 1 dm before 7-9years back which has gradually developed over a period of time which got diagnosed 2-3 years so in that case my argument stands true

Mama Mia Answered:
Yes, Type one diabetes can alter how much height a young child will achieve.

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